• Jennifer Hooke

Yesterday’s A Closing Door- You Don’t Live There Anymore

“Back in my Glory Days..” “That was my prime time…” “I’ll start over on Monday..” “Snooze button.. I’ll try again tomorrow!” “I wish I could do that again (or look like that again).” “I’m single.. And alone.. Why should I care about myself and my health when no one is there for me.. But my dogs?” “But I like to eat ice cream and take naps!” “Life is hard enough..” “I’m too busy being a soccer mom, I’ll start focusing on myself more when my kids are in college.” “I’m in college and can barely keep up with my studies.. Let alone take time to focus on my health. I’m young.. I have time!” “Working out is too hard.. Everytime I start over I’m so sore I can hardly move!”

Anything sound familiar? Some of those sound a little rough and extreme when you read them out loud, but I know this is reality at some point in time or another for many.

“You're shattered Like you've never been before “The life you knew In a thousand pieces on the floor And words fall short in times like these When this world drives you to your knees You think you're never gonna get back To the you that used to be…”

Scroll back up and say those words One.Last.Time. Call it a farewell party. Why? Because we are here to focus on our task at hand. OUR health and wellness. Our united