• Jennifer Hooke

Taking another Nutrition Twist on our Fitness Journey…

Nutrition is HARD. So many times we salivate over foods for pleasure and while I’m not discouraging this, it also makes it challenging to salivate over foods in their true form. Something that really helps motivate me to make the time for better choices is knowledge. Learning and reflecting on the WHY always inspires me. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. This blog is meant for just that. Let’s find out just how cool, unique and beneficial some of our foods are by digging into their Micronutrients. These are the essentials to good health. We discussed MACROnutrients in blog #2 which are the basic makeup of our food sources- Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. MICROnutrients are the vitamins and minerals found in our food choices. The more “whole food” the source is, the more micronutrient rich. The more processed the source is, the less nutrient rich! This will catch up to you and your health sooner than later.

Do you find yourself taking the path of least resistance in this ever so busy life? Drive throughs and fast food chains are soooo easy, convenient and sometimes even decent on the palate...but will destroy your immune system with the lack of nutrients. Fresh food isn’t always the easiest route, but it’s most definitely the best route! Fresh, nutrient DENSE foods will give you so much more than enriched, processed foods. Your energy, cardiovascular and immune system will thank you :) You can take the convenient route of fresh foods - pre sliced, chopped and ready to be cooked, but when it’s easy it comes at the price of an arm and a leg. I don’t know about you, but I struggle with using all of the fruits and vegetables in my fridge before they go bad. My life is very “on the go” and if I don’t have fruits and veggies washed and cut ahead of time, they will get overlooked on the fly. I might pick two days a week to cut and wash everything so it’s all grab ready; or I might cave at the price of my right arm and get the pre- skinned and cut up version. At any rate, it’s important to figure out what works for you and to make that time. Your health is a priority in this life we’re given and it sure feels good to accomplish small victories towards our well-being! I have pulled out what I believe are 10 super important micronutrients to receive through whole food choices. I hope to leave you feeling inspired to enjoy a nice, well-rounded, colorful and whole-food filled meal. Fall in love with some new recipes and feel purposefully good <3