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Is it Well with your Soul? Does it Fulfill it’s Purpose?

Hi!! I’m back from a few months of adjusting and figuring life out as a new mom of 2! Coralynn (Cora) was born on 6/2 at a healthy 8 lbs 15 oz. She’s brought nothing but joy to our lives and we are SO blessed <3 I am, however, glad to get back to writing as I love it dearly and hope you enjoy your next few minutes of reading this blog. My goal is always to give perspective on FEELING good - inside and out; mentally and physically. Our goal together is to understand our human selves and adjust our actions so our well- being can benefit. Let’s live this life!

Is it well with your Soul and does it fulfill it’s purpose? “It” being your lifestyle - how you walk your walk- including, but not limiting to, any changes you’ve made or strive to make. Open the eyes of your mind as you read this so you can let it freely ponder over the subject as this pertains to each one of us individually. This can get deep! Tapping in:

1. Your “Healthy” Lifestyle - is it serving it’s purpose of improving your well-being? Have you made changes you are struggling to maintain - making it temporary? Are you following the latest trend (fad diets, fad workouts, etc) and is it well with your soul? You see, sometimes we jump into something because we use society as accountability and motivation - If society is doing it, it must work and if it does, GREAT; if not, maybe I failed. This trend of lifestyle changes based on others around you may not be creating YOUR best SELF. The real question to ask yourself is - Are these changes serving their purpose of bettering my well-being and do I TRULY feel good about them in a SUSTAINABLE way? Life is about balance with regards to our health. I know it’s cliche, but if you can find peace in balance- then you can find your healthy lifestyle. Extremes of anything can take their toll mentally and physically. Your body is an intelligent being … just ask the omniscient Man Upstairs!

2. Your Job - Yes… we work to “make a living”. But is your job improving your well- being or are you letting your job be a stressor in your life? I like to think of my job as an opportunity to channel my purpose. If you view your job as taxing work, your sucking the life out of yourSELF. To get to the bottom of this and dig up the positives.. Try thinking, “with my job I GET to….” For me, instead of saying, “ with my job I HAVE to wake up at 5:15 am after a sleepless night .. or I HAVE to miss out on family time in the afternoon” I can gratefully say “ with my job I GET to share my love of fitness, create a foundation for youth athletes, educate and listen, help others feel and move better, find the root of what could be causing someone physical pain, talk to different people every hour, develop friendships as I go, embark on journeys and experience the joy in reaching goals!” Wow, those thoughts are reality and help give such a positive perspective of my job. It’s purpose is now simultaneously fulfilling what’s good with my soul. Don’t quit your day job after all!

3. Your Thoughts - This topic can cover a multitude. So here’s the skinny: what lies between our ears controls your situation. Remember that earlier blog post? Feed the Good Wolf. We can get frustrated, upset, and let our stress take a plunge…. Or we can create the outcome that we want. This spin on our response can fill our thoughts with more endorphin rushes versus stresses and anger. This! This positivity is WELL with our SOUL!!!

4. Your Actions - Aw man, who brought up actions!? Actions and reactions may not define who WE think we are, but they certainly show our colors that can be ugly .. or beautiful. This one hits home for me as I struggle with anxiety. Feeling anxious can cause me to be someone I don’t want to be - short tempered, impatient, mean, remorseful then sad yada yada yada.. All things negative. I feel guilty about some of my actions. Here’s my “get out of jail free card” for that feeling- don’t dwell on the past, it’s over. Change your present so your future is much more pleasing to your soul <3 We are all working for progress, not perfection. #GRACE

5. Your MOVEMENTS - Beyond actions are movements. Exercise, how you move through life. Are your movements serving their purpose of making you FEEL good!? The most functional movement we can do in the exercise world is a Squat. Squats are a “core” movement in life! Sitting to standing and standing to sitting all involve this exercise. Squats can do some serious damage on the body and impair your function, though, if done incorrectly. This goes with a lot of exercises and your technique in performing them. Your joints should not hurt through movements and NEVER should you EVER push through that kind of pain. You may need a mirror or a professional eye to modify your movement for  optimal joint angles. A professional can also give you strengthening exercises paired with stretching/ mobility work to help your body move better. These exercises/stretches can prepare your body for such important functions in life - without the pain. View the below image for a picture perfect functional squat ;)

Speaking of Movement; in the next blog or two we’ll start talking about different movements - how to keep them functional, promote strength and prevent injuries.  

Please, feel free to comment on any of these blogs and ask me any question you may have regarding fitness/nutrition or overall wellness. Chances are, you’re not alone and it gives others an opportunity to learn.

Stay tuned for the next blog! Cheers to good fuel for our mind, body and soul! Until next time,

Jennifer Hooke NSCA- CPT, CSCS INNERSTRENGTH SPORT AND WELLNESS, LLC www.innerstrengthorlando.com
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