• Jennifer Hooke

Is it Well with your Soul? Does it Fulfill it’s Purpose?

Hi!! I’m back from a few months of adjusting and figuring life out as a new mom of 2! Coralynn (Cora) was born on 6/2 at a healthy 8 lbs 15 oz. She’s brought nothing but joy to our lives and we are SO blessed <3 I am, however, glad to get back to writing as I love it dearly and hope you enjoy your next few minutes of reading this blog. My goal is always to give perspective on FEELING good - inside and out; mentally and physically. Our goal together is to understand our human selves and adjust our actions so our well- being can benefit. Let’s live this life!

Is it well with your Soul and does it fulfill it’s purpose? “It” being your lifestyle - how you walk your walk- including, but not limiting to, any changes you’ve made or strive to make. Open the eyes of your mind as you read this so you can let it freely ponder over the subject as this pertains to each one of us individually. This can get deep! Tapping in: